280 days ago by Chaosys

The forums are live and ready for RP. All accounts must be approved by me before they can post.

Testing the Draft Chrome Plugin

338 days ago by Adam

Draft has a Chrome plugin to allow editing any text field with it, with full Draft features. This is a test of the Markdown.

- [ ] Test todo items

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Nope, Still Here.

339 days ago by Adam

Despite the fact that Textpattern still doesn’t have official support for Markdown, I can’t find anything else that does either. At least, not without much more headache than it’s worth.

Don’t get me wrong, there are platforms out there which support Markdown. They just all seem to be microblogging platforms, or WordPress. Dropplets, for example, is pretty neat but not much more than a pretty frame around a text file. It’s a little too sparse. is a little better, but not by much. Honestly, even Tumblr is better than anything else I’ve found. Which is annoying, because other than Markdown support TextPattern is perfect.

Maybe I can get Draft to integrate with a webhook…



800 days ago by Adam

Obviously, it’s been awhile since the last blog entry. I’ll probably wipe it out and start over soon, or whenever I find another blog engine I like. Should be easier now that mobile is more ubiquitous.

Android and XML-RPC

1114 days ago by Adam

So apparently there’s no real support on Android for blogging via XML-RPC. The underlying API is there, but nobody’s done anything with it yet. Surprising, really.



Hello World

1115 days ago by Adam

Arcanotech is in the middle of a redesign still. Expect major changes in the near future.