Verse and Meter


Close your eyes

Count the sheep

Let the drums lull you to sleep

Hear the people {whose streets?}

Take the streets {our streets!}

Pray your sellout soul to keep


You’re ground down

In the dirt

Worn out and hopeless

Never dare {wouldn’t dare}

Never dream {primal sc...

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Fall is finally here again

Equinox and sudden chills

Wind and leaves and monsoon’s end

Hints of snow upon the hills

Halloween is here to play

Parties, sweets, and mischief managed

Another liminal today

Holidays for feast and famine

Life is fleeting, blowing by

Leaves and living in...

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Listen. Love is a conversation, though not always with words. Feel the way the air changes when emotions flare - warm and comforting and sensual or cold and thin and bleak - these are reflections of your end of the string, and the cans are only so big.

Speak. Conversations have more than one parti...

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My home is a noisy place.

My mind is a noisy place.

My life is a noisy place.

But midnight. Midnight is quiet. Midnight is the peace deep in each of us that is always there, sometimes so deep we forget. Sometimes it takes a peace just as deep to find it again.

Midnight is quiet, but my life...

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