Verse and Meter

(Inspired by With Strength of Steel Wings by AngelaStarCat)

three for the moon

and three for the sun

one for the void

see it all come undone

the first for foundation

the second support

the third for mobility

the fourth heals all hurt

the fifth to protect those close to your h...

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spring is for endings.

fall for new things,

winter for growth; but spring

is death and delirium.

a birth in fall, truth acknowledged;

winter brings new hopes, new knowledge

new year, new resolutions.

but spring brings only dissolution,

broken hearts, empty words.

summer, retreati...

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Close your eyes

Count the sheep

Let the drums lull you to sleep

Hear the people {whose streets?}

Take the streets {our streets!}

Pray your sellout soul to keep


You’re ground down

In the dirt

Worn out and hopeless

Never dare {wouldn’t dare}

Never dream {primal sc...

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Fall is finally here again

Equinox and sudden chills

Wind and leaves and monsoon’s end

Hints of snow upon the hills

Halloween is here to play

Parties, sweets, and mischief managed

Another liminal today

Holidays for feast and famine

Life is fleeting, blowing by

Leaves and living in...

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The mirror lies.

For most of my life, it’s shown a twisted reality,

a distortion of the me I see

when I close my eyes.

My sighs

when I see the stranger looking back at me

a breath, a prayer on the wind to let me be

who I know I am

to let the sham fall free

and see

as clear, as pu...

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