I’ve been lusting for you so hard

and it’s clear you feel the same

But we’ll never tell each other

that’s not how we play the game

And we’ll act like we’re just friends

and keep our interactions tame

but we both know there’s more to it

But we’re never gonna do it


Can’t you see

you and me

we have so much


You can cut it with a knife

and it’s ruining my life

‘Cuz you make me

so thirsty

Woe is me



you look me in the eye and my cheeks are getting pink

I flash a little smile

and you counter with a wink

My pulse is pounding madly

and I think I need a drink

or two

but not with you!

We’d end up doing things we shouldn’t do



It’s a terrible idea

We could never make it last

Relationships are tricky;

a one-night-stand’s too fast

We have so much baggage

we can’t leave in the past

But if we don’t we’ll regret it

too much to just forget it



Fuck it, call me!

And good riddance to this UST!

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